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A bond can be made at any time, day or night, to release an inmate from the Emanuel County Detention Center. If you are charged with a bondable offense, you have the right to seek a bond for your release from the facility. Bonding requires some type of surety be posted as a good faith promise that the accused will appear for the court date.  

 NOTE: If an inmate is released on bond, and fails to appear for court, the accused will (normally) be rearrested on a bench warrant, which has no bond. 

 The bondsman or person posting the security is held accountable for the full amount of the bond. Posting a bond can be accomplished in several ways. The following paragraphs briefly explain how each type of bond is made. In some cases, bonding methods are restricted, and some types may not be allowed.  



Cash Bonds

Cash bonds are generally made for the traffic offenses of a minor nature, and misdemeanor violations. In some cases, the cash bond may be accepted as a fine, and substituted for a court appearance. However, it is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements with the court. ​

All Cash Bonds will be returned by MRS. KRISTIN HALL, EMANUEL COUNTY CLERK OF COURT, 478-237-8911. In order to receive your Cash Bond back, you must fill out a "Request for Cash Bond Release" form at the Clerk of Court's Office. Cash Bonds will ONLY be returned to the individual who originally secured the Cash Bond. A State Issued ID MUST be presented.  ​


A property bond can be posted by persons owning tangible real estate within Emanuel County. This does not apply to automobiles, travel trailers, industrial equipment, boats, or similar property. It must be deeded "Real Property", usually with a residential home built on it. Undeveloped property may be accepted, if it can be determined that the existing equity (NOT the market value) is sufficient to meet the bonding standards. A homeowner desiring to post his/her property for someone's bond must meet certain criteria:
1.) Produce a current tax receipt stamped "PAID" (or proof, such as a canceled check, to show proof of payment on taxes).

2.) Show proof of identity of all persons named on the property.

3.) Forty percent (40%) of the assessed value of your property must be enough to cover the bond in question, not the fair market value.

4.) Lawfully swear or affirm to sign a property bond, stating that the property exists, is owned by them, and that sufficient equity, not market value or purchase price, exists to cover the bonding standard.

Equity is the amount of principal vested to the purchaser, less any liens or mortgages. 


Professional bonding companies registered with the Emanuel County Sheriff's Office, are available for hire. These companies provide bonding services in return for a paid fee. The fee for hiring their services is (normally) not refundable. Criteria for selecting customers seeking a professional bondsman varies from one company to another. All companies are available 24 hours a day. A list of all approved bonding companies, and their telephone numbers, are located in different areas of the Detention Center. Employees of the Emanuel County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center are restricted by law from recommending ANY bonding company. 

Approved Bonding Companies in alphabetical order:

All Nite Bonding (misdemeanor charges only)
Clark Quick Bonding
24/7 Bail Bonding

transfer bond

A bond made from another county Sheriff's Office, to release an inmate from the Emanuel County Detention Center is called a "Transfer Bond". Procedures for this type of bond are similar to property bond procedures. This type of bond criteria accepted for a transfer bond is determined by the county issuing the bond. Emanuel County Detention Center does not accept any bonding companies that are not registered with this facility. Specific instructions or restrictions imposed by other Sheriff's Offices must be followed.  

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