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Welcome to the Emanuel County Sheriff's Office

deputys with purpose

mission statement

The Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office mission is to improve the quality of life in our county by reducing fear, preventing crime and enforcing the law while protecting each individual’s freedoms guaranteed by the Georgia and United States Constitutions. 

Who we ARe

We Are Committed To Protecting And Serving The Community

At our sheriff office, we have a steadfast commitment to protecting and serving the community. We prioritize the safety and well-being of every resident, working diligently to maintain a secure environment. Our dedicated team of professionals is driven by a shared mission to ensure public safety, uphold the law, and provide assistance whenever needed. Through proactive law enforcement, community engagement, and collaborative partnerships, we strive to create a stronger and safer community for all.

Sex Offender Registry

Stay informed and protect your loved ones with easy access to the sex offender registry, ensuring the safety of our community.

Confidential Crime Tip

Report crimes anonymously and help keep our community safe by providing confidential crime tips.

Frequently Asked Question

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our office's services, procedures, and community-related matters.

Confidential Drug Tip

Play an active role in combating drug-related issues by submitting confidential drug tips.

Community Policing Highlights

Highlight the sheriff office’s commitment to community engagement and partnerships. Showcase collaborative efforts with local organizations, community events, and outreach programs. Emphasize the office’s dedication to building strong relationships with community members to foster a safer and more secure environment.

Our Services

At the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office, we provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. From proactive patrol and traffic enforcement to meticulous evidence handling, secure detention facilities, highly trained K-9 units, and reliable record-keeping, we are committed to delivering professional and effective law enforcement services that meet the diverse needs of our residents.


Ensure the safety and security of the community through proactive law enforcement and quick response to emergencies.


Focus on maintaining order, enforcing traffic laws, and promoting safe road conditions for motorists and pedestrians.


Meticulously handle and catalog evidence to support investigations and maintain the integrity of the criminal justice system.


Provide secure and humane detention for individuals in custody, prioritizing their welfare and offering opportunities for rehabilitation.

K-9 Unit

Trained K-9 unit assists in various law enforcement operations, including drug detection, search and rescue, and apprehension of suspects.


Maintain accurate confidential records, ensuring the accessibility and integrity of law enforcement documentation for public and internal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To obtain a copy of a private property accident report or incident report, you can come by the Sheriff’s Office Monday-Friday between 8:00AM– 5:00PM and pick up your report.  If you were involved in an accident that was investigated by the Georgia State Patrol, Post #19, you will need to contact them to obtain a copy of your report at 478-289-2599.   
  • If you are not a party to the accident/incident, you may not be able to obtain the report.  The Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office complies with the Georgia Open Records Act and certain information may cost the requestor charges of research and reproduction of records as provided by law. 
  • To pay a State Court traffic citation, you may pay the fine in person at the Emanuel County Clerk of Courts Office at 125 South Main Street, Swainsboro, GA or online at the following link and follow the site instructions.   
  • The Clerk’s Office will accept a money order, cashier’s check, or cash in the exact amount of the fine. 
  • To complete a criminal history request for your own employment purposes, you must appear at the Sheriff’s Office and complete the required consent form.  A government issued photo ID is required (driver’s license, passport, etc).  

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